Xbox Live gets a bit more spendy

Announced on Major Nelson‘s blog today, Microsoft is changing the cost of the Xbox Live subscription service. The monthly will go from 7.99 to 9.99, Three month passes will go from 19.99 to 24.99 with the yearly subscription fee going up to 59.99 instead of 49.99. If gamers act quickly (before November 1st) they can opt to re-up this years subscription at the bargain rate of 39.99.

A market analyst from EEDAR issued a statement as well as Microsoft’s assuring people the service was still worth the price change, and for the most part I tend to agree with him however I can also see the other side of the coin for people. Myself personally I make use of the many services that are offered through Xbox Live such as Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM, Netflix streaming, and Halo Waypoint and with them now adding ESPN features in as well I can see the value in ten dollars more. On the other hand it does seem a poor tact for Microsoft to lean so heavily on these additional features as most gamers who don’t use these features feel as though they’re being charged for them regardless.

I’m not one of those gamers, so I can’t honestly say that I am bothered or offended by this. I look at it like this: when you pay for a service you are more likely to get a response or resolution to a problem than if it is a free one. By paying the yearly subscription fees you, as the consumer, are doing your part to keep the Xbox Live gears turning steadily and keeping the gaming coming.

Xbox Live Game Marketplace
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