Red Dead Redemption DLC Dated

For those of you still roaming the wild west searching for various herbs and avoiding the inevitable grizzly attack, you will be glad to hear that Rockstar’s next installment of Red Dead DLC has been date for September 21st for 800 MS points or 9.99 on the PSN.

The Liars and Cheats DLC will feature multiplayer modes of both Poker and Liars Dice from the game with a slew of extras.

  • Multiplayer Poker and Liar’s Dice Games
  • Multiplayer Horse Races
  • The Explosive Rifle- a dangerous new weapon with its own single player and multiplayer challenges
  • 7  New Gang Hideouts
  • 4 New Hunting grounds
  • Stronghold Competitive Multiplayer Mode- Teams take turns defending and assaulting a fortified position
  • Posses scoring and Leaderboards
  • 15 Red Dead Redemption storyline characters available for use in Multiplayer modes

Rockstar has also given a few more tidbits about the fourth announced DLC, The Undead Nightmare Pack which will feature John Marston in a new single player storyline in which he has to battle undead animals and mythical creatures as he rides to rid the west of the zombie plague. The DLC has not yet been dated so we can only hope that it drops sooner than later. As an additional perk to fans of the game, Rockstar are also releasing the Hunter and Savvy Merchant outfits that were part of the Gamestop pre-order bonus voting contest before launch as free DLC. Each outfit will have to be unlocked by completing challenges in the same way as the other outfits are unlocked.


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