Halo:Reach – Live Action Trailers

Microsoft has made it a habit of filming live action trailers for the Halo franchise since the ads used for the release of Halo 3. In the latest installment of these ads are two more of these amazing live action epics that only take place in the span of a few minutes.

The first is a short which focuses on the civilians of Reach on the fateful day on which the Covenant arrive.\

The second and final live action short is “Deliver Hope” in which we see Kat, Jorge, and a spartan we can only assume is the old Noble 6 the spartan that the player character is replacing at the start of the game. It would seem that this is a sort of prequel explaining how Kat lost her arm, and why Noble 6 needed replacing. Bungie has assured fans that they worked with Microsoft to make sure this film fit into the canonical Halo universe, so one could even postulate that this could foreshadow a potential conflict amongst Noble Team while they’re doing their job. It’s all really speculation at this point, but the real question on my mind is why haven’t we gotten a Halo feature-length film when the quality of these shorts are above and beyond what we’ve seen on some recent summer blockbusters in the theatre.


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