Halo: Reach – Warthog Re-Skins

As an artist I typically shy away from recreating or working with intellectual properties created by others. Copyright law is a shady area hard to make much sense of, and the system is designed to protect the big guys. As of late however, I have become increasingly more interested in the concept of Fan Art. Art that in itself has not been created for any sort of profit, merely for the love of a story or character. I kicked off my own set of fan art with a re-skinning of a UNSC Warthog and UH-144 Falcon from the upcoming Halo title, Halo: Reach.

Today I’m going to share three more re-skins of a Warthog, only this time i used the rocket launcher variant as my canvas.

The first variation came from the idea that, even military operations have fire and rescue. Due to the somewhat sensitive nature of information found on military installations, these units are typically kept in-house. The Fire Hog, as I so cleverly named it, makes use of the standard equipment found on a Rocket Warthog, only replacing the explosive rounds with some sort of fire retardent. Because of its small size the Fire Hog would most likely be used as a first responder vehicle. This hog would arrive before the larger fire trucks and try to contain the fire and assist anyone in need on the scene.

The next use for the Rocket Hog came with a skinning themed to a character in Halo:Reach. Kat is Noble 2 of Noble Team, and since the debut of the trailer in which we got to see the characters her personality struck me as interesting. One entire arm has been replaced with prosthetics yet she remains on the battlefield. The Hog utilizes her armor color with some highlights to create contrast, while the likeness of her rests on the side of the warthog.

The final Rocket Hog has no special story attached to it other than the fact that while trying out some different coloring techniques a came up with a color changing top coat and I liked it. While its not actually color changing, the colors are meant to represent the popular autobody car paint that shifts in color dependent on from which angle it is viewed.

This wraps up the latest batch of Halo: Reach fan art that I’ve been working on. As the September 14th release date for the game nears ever closer you can expect to be seeing more as I have time to create them.


3 thoughts on “Halo: Reach – Warthog Re-Skins

  1. As a big time halo fan, I love seeing this art. It is pretty dang cool. You should just make more skins that would be more military based, like different types of camo, different designs like jolly rogers and stuff like that make them look bad ass. I like the skins that you have so far, just some suggestions, thats all, let me know when you come out with any more and for any halo vehicle.

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