Halo : Reach Multiplayer Maps

While Forge world is clearly the frontrunner as a most anticipated Halo:Reach Multiplayer map, Bungie was kind enough to remind us there is more to drool over. While not nearly as forgable, the other multiplayer maps offer unique experiences that bring plenty to the table for everyone.

Reflection is a near pixel perfect remake of the Halo 2 classic, Ivory Tower. This map isn’t just a simple re-hash of an old map however. Reflection has been gone over thoroughly to ensure balance and enjoyment for everyone in regards to how the level is laid out. Because of the change in player ability due to game restrictions, and the addition of armor effects some sections of the map have been tweaked to ensure fairness. Another positive change to anyone who played the H2 version was that in Reflection the roof over the sniper nest has been raised making what once was a cozy sniping position to a possible pit of death from all the grenades that will inevitably be thrown into it.

Next up comes Zealot, this map is based heavily on the Covenant aesthetic and was improperly determined to be another Midship remake with an extra floor added. Bungie have stressed that this map isn’t a Midship remake, it simply utilizes some of the playing mechanics that made Midship so popular in Halo 2. In addition to the very attractive space boast numerous perches and blind spots, the players now have the ability to quite literally, take their fight outside. The third tier of Zealot boasts a force field which allows players to pass through but bullets and grenades cannot. Once on this third level it is made quite clear the player is in space. The gravity has been lowered on this level and the audio is muffled much as it was while playing in space during the Halo 2 campaign. To me personally this change of physics mid game seems like it could be a great way to change the pace of gameplay, while keep the core combat true. In the very least you can escape from death inside to die under the stars, thats worth something right?

The last Multiplayer space that I’m bringing you today is Spire. Spire is another entry into the Invasion playlist, taken directly from a campaign mission, the Spire is a massive Covenant installation stuck into the ground of Reach. Another nice change is that instead of Elites being the invaders, the Spartans are now the ones fighting into the installation to take something of value from the Covenant. This map is large enough that vehicles like Falcon and Warthog play a key role in covering large amounts of space and making sure you have the firepower you need when you get there. Also making its appearance is a covenant vehicle called the Revenant which is essentially a two-person Ghost with a smaller plasma cannon on the back.

Thats all for now, but as Gamescom gets underway there is sure to be more Bungie news coming down the pipeline.


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