Halo: Reach and Rooster Teeth’s Bungie Day Video

The seventh day of the seventh month of every year is a special day for Bungie fans. Bungie Day is typically a day when Bungie give back to their fans in some small yet amazing way. The last Bungie Day of note, gamers were treated to a Halo CE recreation map called Cold Storage which was available for free download. This years Bungie Day gift on the surface seems less amazing, until you start watching it.

This video shows off a few things which Bungie has been hinting at for awhile now. The most noticeable of these news tidbits would be the return of Blood Gulch, a fan favorite from Halo CE and Halo 2 multiplayer that failed to make a return trip in Halo 3 with the other reworked maps. Another feature is seeing the “falcon” flying vessel in action. Modified versions of the warthogs are also going to be available featuring new weapon types mounted to the turrets. On the armor abilities side of things, the usual suspects were there, Armor Lock, Jetpack, etc. The new addition is one that is very exciting, Holograms. In this short video we see Simmons using his armor ability to throw a  blue off, I’m not sure if this will be a campaign/firefight only armor ability but its use in any fashion is a welcome one. The last subtle bit of information I was able to glean was that it would seem most of the helmet permutations from Halo 3 will be available in the armory, and we saw a “jun-esque” style chest plate on Simmons that looks like some sort of sniper camoflauge (though not terribly effective in bright red color) and we got to see another assassination animation that is both beautiful and brutal at the same time. Happy Bungie Day everyone!

(As with any news not coming with a direct written statement from Bungie regarding what we’ve seen, I will wait to  100% assume these will be playable features in the commercial release of the game. It is safe to assume these will be as Bungie was part of it and advertised this video on their site.)


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