Born in the USA

It’s that time of year again, when Americans all across the country and abroad celebrate the day a little colony who spilled some tea became the great and diverse nation today. The fourth of July is also another day that we can keep the soldiers abroad putting their lives on the line for us in our heads and hearts. In honor of this day, here is a list of some patriotic games to get you through the holiday between the overcooked hotdogs and small explosives.

  • The Halo Franchise- You can’t have a Fourth of July games list without mentioning halo. The premise of the Halo story is humanity overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds and coming out on top. The games themselves are fun to play, and the creators of Halo also have the self proclaimed Bungie Day on the 7th of July every year not to mention a usual themed playlist in Halo 3 multiplayer

  • Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2- The Modern Warfare franchise has long been known for over the top set pieces and stirring military based gameplay on par with any summer blockbuster. And it doesn’t get much more American than freeing the Whitehouse from the clutches of the Russians as they invade our country. The gameplay is always fast paced and an adrenaline fueled roller coaster that should get anyone’s blood pumping

  • Mass Effect 2- The story of Mass Effect 2 revolves around Commander Shepard defending the human race against the Collectors and the Reapers. Its deep,enriching storyline and the “against all odds” attitude of the game make this another patriotic game no brainer. The game is great and with the latest batch of DLC  this gives you just another reason to give the game a spin while the rockets burst in air.

On a more serious note, I would like to send another Thank You out to the troops at home and abroad for all they do for us. Even though they deserve our thoughts and prayers everyday, special days like this are just another reason to make the extra effort.


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