E3: Post Carnage Report

As the internet breathes a collective sigh of relief as the deluge that was E3 information slows to a trickle, I want to take some time to go over what we saw.

  • Microsoft Press Event- The Microsoft press event started out with a great pace. Campaign footage from COD: Black Ops was shown to kick things off, and we got to see the first Halo: Reach campaign footage with the massive sucker punch of being able to fight in space. Sadly once information about Kinect started to come out I found myself loosing interest. That isn’t to say that I’m not excited for Kinect and what it could potentially mean for new gaming experiences, but most of the games they showed seemed like graphically improved knock-offs of Nintendo’s software when they release their motion control. With all the hype that Sony put on their motion control, I really believed Microsoft would bring out some serious guns at their press event. The only Kinect info to get my blood pumping was a demo teasing some form of Star Wars game coming in 2011. Regardless of the disappointing show, Microsoft is rolling out plenty of titles to keep coming back for more.

  • Brink- One of the upcoming titles I have been steadily getting excited for is Brink. A game the promises to meld single player and multiplayer into one progressive experience. The premise of Brink’s gameplay is that you have the option to play through the campaign on your own, with friends, or with/against strangers online. The game also boasts an XP progression system similar to Modern Warfare 2 that allows you to unlock additional weapon options as well as aesthetic choices for style of dress as well. Best part of all is that your character will be playable no matter which arena you choose to play him in, so you could begin the game on your own then working into multiplayer and it would be the same player. Another major feature of this game is the S.M.A.R.T system (S.M.A.R.T. means Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain) which allows the player to vault,slide, climb, and roll over and under obstacles (pictures Mirror’s Edge but with more guns). The art direction in the game is very unique and is shaping up to be a worthwhile contender for many gamer’s multiplayer minutes.

  • Breach- A multiplayer only title releasing on Xbox Live Arcade this summer, Breach seems like it will bring the element of destructible environments to the forefront of tactical FPS action. The game is developed by the people behind the now halted Six Days of Felujah game that was intially delayed then put on the back burners due to controversy. This game uses that engine and relies on destructible environments to give tactical choices and boasts a sense of realism not yet seen in a shooter. Graphically the game isn’t amazing, but the idea that as a player you can shoot out individual bricks in a wall to shoot out of seems promising. The game modes feature a convoy style game where one team protects the convoy while the other team tries to destroy it, as well as a mode which forces players to hold specific points in the map for a set amount of time. My personal take on this game is that since it won’t cost the full retail price of a normal game it is well worth picking up, and could become a big hit.

  • Medal of Honor- This game is a major reboot to one of the fore fathers of the FPS genre and marks its first foray into modern combat. The game follows the path of a typical infantry soldier as well as highlighting actions of the Tier 1 operators in a sort of stealthy lone wolf gaming scenario. While not based specifically on actual events, the game is set in modern war torn Afghanistan and reflects the current war efforts over there. The multiplayer was shown off at EA’s press event at E3 and looked amazing. The multiplayer component of the game is being handled by DICE who created Battlefield Bad Company 2, and with their online track record with that game this bodes very well for the new game. Players who pre-order Medal of Honor will also have access to the multiplayer beta currently running on PC and PS3 with Xbox 360 beta being promised shortly. EA also used this game to announce their new content feature, “Gun Club” which would reward players for buying EA branded shooters, such as Medal of Honor, Bad Company 2, and Dead Space 2. Players who already own Bad Company 2 and have their VIP account active, and pre order Medal of Honor will recieve the M24 Sniper Rifle immediately upon launch as a bonus.

  • Conclusions- This years E3 was full of surprises and showed off a lot of games that will most likely rob me of my money. While I didn’t have time to mention every game I saw that I got excited for, you can be sure that in the coming weeks and months I will be revisiting more of these games as I can.

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