Halo: Reach- equal rights

While perusing the weekly update from Bungie Studios I was surprised to see what I honestly never expected to. For the first time ever in a Halo game, you are able to make your character female. In Halo 3 you were able to set your voice to female if you wanted to and your noises made while dying brutally were female voiced. What really impressed me about this choice, is while the figure is decidedly female its not exploitive or silly when viewed in the context of the game. Its well known in the Halo canon that there were female Spartans, however they were just as battle hardened as any male and not particularly overtly feminine. All the Spartans were soldiers regardless of sex and this armor reflects the respect Bungie has the for the canon they helped create.

Also revealed while Bungie was at E3 is that firefight is indeed making a return to consoles in the latest release and is also equipped for online matchmaking for firefight as well. Among these small morsels of information, the new armor ability was shown as well. The ability acts like a bubble shield but apparently with restorative properties as well. There was no mention whether this ability would be available in multiplayer so time will tell.


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