Gamer Girlfriend: In E3 we Trust

One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed about my play habits since introducing Gamer Girlfriend to gamine on the Xbox is that I now view games through a very different lens than I did previously.  As I look at new and upcoming games I find myself now rating them on whether or not they could be a good potential game to play with Gamer Girlfriend in a Co-op capacity. While pouring through the E3 coverage I came across Hunted: The Demon’s Forge and felt quite sure that I had found a sure thing. Not only do the two distinct play styles match our play styles it is a game specifically made to be played with someone else.

The game follows the path of two adventurers, one a melee based brawler and the other a lithe elvish woman with a bow. The game is setup so that at specific checkpoints players can swap control of the two characters, or continue on as they were. The game is a third person action shooter that has been unofficially dubbed “Gears of Warcraft” and from what I’ve seen of the game so far I would agree with that description.


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