Project Natal now “Kinect”

At the Galen center at USC the “Experience Project Natal” event was held. This event was “as imagined by” Cirque De Soleil and featured robotic animals, crowd participation, and some imagery that could give some clues as to what games would be coming for the Microsoft Kinect. Yes thats right kiddies, Kinect is the device formerly known as Natal. The airing of this event isn’t happening until Tuesday on MTV so the specifics are limited to the writings of those who were at the event.

The announcement of the new name is somewhat disappointing, as the name “Kinect” sounds like some nifty word play used to attract casual consumers to the product. For all we know the ESA demands all game companies name their motion controls silly adverbs, at least Microsoft’s name has the whole “dual meaning” thing going on.

(The E3 logo used with permission from the ESA, Kinect image and the Cirque De Soliel Elephant were obtained from Microsoft’s Xbox 360/Natal “Kinect” page)


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