Halo: Reach- Campaign Impressions

Since I saw the first teaser trailer for Halo:Reach I felt there was something special with Bungie’s swan song to the series. Then in May my expectations were blown away during the open beta available through the Halo 3: ODST disk. Today those already blown expectations were sent into a high orbit as I got to see the first glimpse of campaign footage for the game.

The campaign footage played out typically to what I’ve come to expect from Bungie, graphically its beautiful. Larger set pieces and more frantic on-screen action flesh the world out in a way that I never¬†realized was missing from Halo until I saw this. What took my breath away and gave me goosebumps was at the last bit, Noble Six climbs into the cockpit of a Saber and is launched into orbit. From there he engages the covenant in ship to ship combat in what I would call one of the greatest forward leaps for a gaming franchise that I’ve ever seen.

The folks at Bungie were kind enough to help those of us out who couldn’t be at E3 today and posted a trailer for this gameplay on their site.

[Click here to watch]


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