Trial and Error’s E3 Dreams

Even before I began writing for Trial and Error, I always looked forward to E3. The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the first chance gamers get to see this years and some of next years big release titles.  Now that I am writing on this blog and scrutinizing games even more than I used to, I am even more excited for the event. Everyone has their own personal games or tech they’re excited to see and I’m no different. Here is a list of some of the things I hope we’ll hear more of from E3 this year.

  • Halo: Reach- I want to see more of the campaign and how it will play, I would also like to see some more information regarding the finished multiplayer.
  • Project Natal- Microsoft don’t seem to be pulling any punches letting Cirque de Soleil present Natal to the world. We got a taste of the technology at last year’s E3 so this year i’m interested in seeing the tech implemented. I also want to get the details on price point and whether or not this will be a product aimed at the casual market.
  • Fable 3- With the addition of John Cleese voicing the butler and dropping all graphic menus from the game Fable 3 seems to be off to a great start. Everything I hear interests me all the more and I’m curious to see what else Molyneux has up his sleeve this time.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops- With Infinity Ward essentially gutted from the inside out, this is Treyarch’s year to step up and really shine for the first time. Treyarch has often got the rep of being less talented than IW so I’m curious to see what they’ll show of this game, these moments are essential for Treyarch as they’re the ones carrying the franchise now.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic- This MMO is shaping up to be an actual contender for my monthly dollars and hours and I am looking forward to seeing this years cinematic trailer. Considering last years had more bang for the buck than all three prequel movies combined the bar has been set quite high for this years. I also want to see more information regarding the combat mechanics of the game as well

I’m sure there is a ton of other stuff that I’ve forgotten or overlooked, but as it stands these are the top items on my watchlist. Stay tuned to Trial and Error as I bring all the E3 information I can together for you the reader.


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