Sunday Edition: Halo Reach Armory

The Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 as its better known is set to begin this evening with the project Natal reveal. As we head into the gaming industry’s biggest week Bungie has been kind enough to share some more armory details.

To begin with the developer has stated that the Armory portion of Halo:Reach is full stocked with all the names applied that will be there at launch. In addition to that Bungie has also put codes in games that are picked up on day 1 of launch that will unlock the Recon helmet variant (pictured above)

This is the latest addition of bonus items being doled out to people who purchase specific copies of the game. As well as having the armory full stocked and named, we were also treated to a look at what awaits us with the Elites as well.

In their latest weekly update posted friday, Bungie showed off an image of an elite in “Spec-ops” armor variant. They have stated that the Elite armor variants won’t be piecemeal but rather one option to change all armor portions. These armor types will reflect the various Elite armors seen during the campaign and will unlock at set ranks rather than costing credits to unlock. This Elite armor will be available for use in Elite centric game types such as Invasion, or Elite Slayer. The player is able to choose whichever armor set they would like to be seen in and when the chance to play as Elite comes up, that armor will be used.

Stay tuned to Trial and Error all this coming week as I bring you as much E3 information as I can.


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