Xbox Live Avatars getting Anniversary Treatment

Starting May 20th users of Xbox Live were able to download some various costumes of Star Wars characters celebrating the anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back.

I am fully aware that the 20th of May is long past at this point, but as I was out of the country when it happened, I just got to experience the giddy joy that is fitting my avatar with a Boba Fett outfit today. When Microsoft first revealed that the Xbox was getting an update to allow avatars everyone looked at Nintendo and raised a doubtful eyebrow, but with any good marketing ploy they suck you in eventually. I am not ashamed to admit that I take pride in having my avatar decked out in certain gear. I see moves like this as a great means of advertising while offering some unique customization options for players out there. The next thing I would like to see with the avatars is the ability to mix and match portions of the special outfits with one another. These avatar offerings are in the marketplace now and even if you don’t plan to buy, its worth a few minutes trying things on and laughing at the stinky taun taun pet (spoiler: it stinks and you judge it.)


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