Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions

While at the London Expo taking in the awesomeness that is Transformers, another activision title caught my eye that I had let slip to the back of my mind, Spiderman Shattered Dimensions. From the beginning the game developers promised the Amazing Spidey, the traditional costumed version everyone knows, and Noir Spidey, a dark 1930’s style version. Each style would have gameplay mechanics built around it, so the Amazing Spidey is more bombastic while Noir Spidey is stealth based combat (Think Arkham Asylum). While watching the trailer for the game, a third version seemed to be finally revealed. 2099 Spiderman.

It appears that the developers aren’t rolling out the full media coverage on this on until after E-3 at which they’ve promised to reveal another Spidey world. The trailer itself is quite similar to the one already making the rounds on the net, but has new scene placed in showing off a futuristic Spidey. As a pre-order bonus, a unique Cosmic Spiderman costume will be available in all four worlds totally eight total costumes in the game.

To be honest these two costume choices baffle me. With a series as dynamic and interesting as the Spiderman universe is, the best they can come up with  is Spiderman 2099 and Cosmic Spiderman? I would have much preferred to see some variant on the symbiotic suit worn briefly by Parker, or perhaps the civil war variant given to parker by Tony Stark? One can only assume the licenses for the more popular styles were probably too much and the studio opted for more obscure 90’s costumes. Disappoinment about textiles aside, I’m interested in seeing more involving the stealth mechanic in game, and the fact that many Spiderman voice acting alums from the various spiderman animated  series will be reprising their roles as Spiderman gives credence that this could be the Spiderman game we’ve been waiting for.


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