Media Molecule reveal Little Big Planet 2

Recently Media Molecule have retracted their statement that they wouldn’t create a sequel to the hugely popular Little Big Planet and announced LBP2 was in the works.

The game will feature more innovative ways to interact with the environment you create, and even allows for creating your own cutscenes. The game will also allow users the ability to group levels creating not just a stand alone level, but in effect an entire game. The game can be as simple or as complex as the creator deems and there are going to be additional features to help this end.

Users can now operate something called a “sack bot” which is essentially an NPC of sorts that can have its behavior programmed to an intricate level. Users can also then make these “circuits” as they’re called available for other players to download for use in their own creations. Another exciting feature of this upcoming title will be full internet integration, with each level having its own url generated making for easy queue for download, and ease in locating specific player made maps. The last feature that was heavily stressed is that all the content created for the first Little Big Planet will be backwards compatible in LBP2, and to make the deal even sweeter the content will also benefit from the graphics polish that will be coming as well.


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