Game Night- Halo: Reach Beta

As my attention towards games has been focused quite closely on the beta, it made sense to make this weeks game about it as well.

The match I want to talk about today was an intense one. Through the course of the game both sides stayed neck and neck with each other. One could surmise that this simply meant both sides were equally adept at dying, but I maintain it was the intense focus and battle training of both sides.

I do have to admit that while I am loving the Reach Beta, I am most definitely not a fan of the grenades. I hope that Bungie realizes how incredibly powerful the grenades are and the game has become more about who can throw grenades better and faster rather than the weapon play and fix this for the release in the fall. The match itself was a lot of fun, I even managed to sneak a few assassinations in there that always makes me smile.

The match got off to a rough start with the other team(red) leaping into the lead 3-nothing. With a bit of team fire, we were able to pin down and kill the red using the focus beam rifle which took some of the long range strain off our team. I was using the needle rifle which is the covenant version of the DMR or designated marksmen rifle to cover a good portion of the map. putting pressure on the reds and forcing them to keep their heads down allowed for my other team members to act as cleanup. Around this point in the match both teams were staying tied with one another as both sides repeatedly bumped heads. With about 8 minutes left in the match we ended up losing one player as he quit the game, which made the teams 3-4. Towards the middle of the match I hit a stall where most of the action was on the other side of the map and had to make the decision whether to stay and wait for the shift to happen so I could get back into it, or leave my perch on the dormitory and head over to the other side of the map. Sadly I chose the second option and ended up getting splattered all over a wall. I pressed into the Powerhouse level 1, took down an enemy then with a freshly refueled carbine headed back to my perch. What is nice about the dorm rooftop is that it has a perfect sight line to cover a good part of the map and even has a quick escape route into the dorm itself if things get a little heated. Another feature is that this part of the map is in the shade which makes the use of active camo more fruitful.

The rest of the match went much how one would expect it to, the reds traded bullets with the blues and at the 5 minutes remaining mark it was 33-25 in favor of the blues (my team), then within a minute they have nearly caught up to us making it 35-34 and I end up in the Powerhouse on second floor holding the flag position hoping to utilize the dark corner in conjunction with my active camo for some easy kills on unassuming foes. Apparently many people have this same idea and the few times enemies do venture into the building, they do not come far into the room.

Fast forward to a minute left in the match and we’re tied up 48-48 and with a hectic pace both sides try to rack up those last couple kills to cinch up the match, but in the last few seconds of the match blues managed to grab those last to kills need and the match ended 50-49 in favor of blue team.


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