Halo: Reach Beta is Live!

The long anticipated beta is finally upon us, and after a few minor hiccups and set backs I was able to slip into some amazing multiplayer experiences. I think it is safe to say that I will never forget my first assassination utilizing the new kill animation sequence that can be done via holding down the melee button on the controller.

To kick off the coverage I will be bringing you, I’ll be covering different aspects of the beta. Today’s lesson is Armor Abilities.

The armor abilities in Halo: Reach are an amazing but sometimes frustrating addition to the mayhem that is Halo multiplayer. At the beginning of the match and just before the player spawns each time they will have the option of loadouts. The type of loadouts available differ based on gametype and race. For example in Team Swat the only armor ability is sprint, and in covenant centric gametypes we just have access to that trademark dive and roll.

As expected, my personal favorite armor ability is the active camouflage included in the “stalker” loadout in most Team Slayer matches. What struck me that I hadn’t expected was that when you go into active camo, the sounds around you fade almost like going under water or wearing noise cancelling headphones. From the matches I played this armor ability seemed very well balanced, and rewards the cautious and patient players with those sought after assassination animations. When in active camo you lose your hearing except for very muddling and indistinct sounds and the radar goes crazy much in the way a Halo 3 Radar Jammer would have worked which gives your presence away.

The other armor abilities are Sprint, Jetpack, Armor Lock, and of course the active camo. Jetpack is a great ability for reaching hard to reach places on a map, allowing the player to take up a long range support position. The sprint works phenomenally to reach objectives faster and armor lock seems to have quality potential.

The armor abilities in Halo: Reach are a welcome addition and replacement for the Halo 3 equipment. They change how games are played and even gives people additional control over their experience. Stay tuned to this page all week as I will be consistently posting information and musings about the Halo : Reach beta.


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