Dr Pepper/Bad Company 2 Promotion

For those who reside in the United States, EA has teamed up with Dr Pepper running a promotion in which gamers can redeem codes from bottle caps on specially marked bottles in return for unique in-game content. Initially began with Mass Effect 2, Sims 3, Battlefield Heroes, and Spore, the new EA title Battlefield Bad Company was added to the list on April 21st.

The offering available is four unique “skins” for the four classes in the game, and a variety of game sound effects in .wav format for use as ringtones. So for the price of a 20 oz bottle of Dr Pepper you can get a unique outfit and weapon skin. That may be expensive for digital content to some people, but if you already drink Dr Pepper you’re already buying the soda, why not get a little extra perk?

Another benefit of getting these custom kits, is that a specific weapon is unlocked for each class with the unique “spec ops” finish. In several cases these weapons are traditionally unlocked later in the exp progression for each class. For example, the highest unlockable weapon for the engineer class is the UMP-45, and this bonus gives you that weapon regardless of your current xp level. I can support this shortcut because it in no way breaks the game or gives some extra advantage that makes you an unstoppable player, but it does make playing a bit more fun and the weapons are often times better than the starting level gear.

For those of you interested in obtaining these kits for yourself, the process is quite easy. First you need to buy any bottles of Dr Pepper brand specially marked for the EA games promotion. The bottle is easy to pick out because it features John Shepard from Mass Effect 2 on the label. If you want all four kits you’ll need four bottles, don’t worry about getting them all at once, you can enter the codes and redeem at a later time or redeem as soon as you get them.

Once you have however many caps you want to redeem you go to Dr Pepper.com and setup an account. In order to redeem EA content you’ll have to link to your EA account, if you’ve not yet made one of those you’ll be prompted to do so at this point. Once you have your account you can enter the code on the cap and answer a few questions such as size, location purchased, and what flavor of soda. After the code is accepted you’ll be brought to the current screen where it will tell you how many codes you have available to claim prizes.

Once you choose to claim a prize you’ll receive this window next. Since we’re assuming this is your first trip to the site, you’ll want to read through these directions as it explains what you have to do to claim your prizes based on which game you’re claiming for. Once you have read through this you check the tick box to skip it for the remainder of your time on the site if you have more than one code to enter and claim.

In the next dialog box you’ll select the game of whichever prize you want to claim. In this case you’ll choose Battlefield Bad Company 2.

When you choose the game it will then bring up the available prizes for you to choose from. Then you simply select the kit you want, and you will then be transferred to your EA account. If you’ve not signed in yet you’ll be asked to do so at this time in order for the accounts to link up. One word of caution, if you have multiple gamertags, make sure the one you want the kits sent to is the one you use on you EA account.

It’s as easy as that, for a few minutes of your time you have unlocked a fun in-game bonus. When you next log into the game, you will receive a pop up telling you that you have received the bonus.

For those of you interested in this who happen to be in another country, you can purchase these kits via Xbox Live Marketplace for 160 MS points a piece. Each kit also comes with an achievement and awards as well.


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