The Girlfriend Gamer: Things I learned from playing Borderlands

Wise men would say that a good relationship is all about the give and take. This philosophy applies to gaming with you significant other as well. While playing Borderlands with Gamer Girlfriend I’ve learned a few things about her and myself. I have learned that under no circumstance should she be allowed to drive, and that I am a greedy bastard who covets all weapons regardless of whether or not I’ll ever use them.

In Borderlands the game only splits the money that you happen across in the world, the ammo, health, and guns must be shared the old fashioned way by talking it over. I’ve heard from several people who play with their significant others in games that thievery tends to be a common occurrence in the multiplayer arena and I am sad to say that I am not above this as well. It has caused me to ponder on what skills and habits various games can form. For example, in Modern Warfare 2 I stopped making care packages one of the killstreak perks I used because my own teammates kept trying to steal them from me. From time to time I have been known to snag a package that wasn’t mine , though I do at least have the courtesy to make sure the person who called it in has died. In Borderlands I have found that if I’m not careful, I lapse back into a singleplayer state of mind and greedily snatch up any and all ammo and weapons I can find. I am blessed with a woman who is incredibly patient with me, or I imagine I would have gotten a clip round the ears by now.

I have also learned that while she makes an excellent gunner while I drive, it becomes less true when roles are reversed. Impressively she managed to wedge our vehicle in a space clearly not meant for a vehicle to be in, so much to the fact that it was stuck in this space permanently and we were forced to obtain a new ride. Another time, while she was attempting an achievement she managed to land the vehicle on the side of a hill high centering herself and unable to move until I came and used another vehicle to push her off.

The lesson for today is sharing is good, when trying to get your girlfriend into gaming make sure that you share the ammo and make a point to give her some fun flashy weapons to use as well. The whole point of this is to get her having fun so she’ll continue playing with you, if you act like a total prat and greedily snatch up the fun weapons that won’t be the case. The other lesson to take away from this is that its vital to identify both yours and your partner’s strengths and weaknesses and create your game strategy around that. Remember, its OK for good natured teasing, but do not mock her about a weaker skill to the point she doesn’t want to play with you anymore.


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