Gamer Girlfriend and Game Night: Epic Mash-up

The subject of most game nights is typically Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In the interest of some variety and the fact that I haven’t played many matches in that game this week, I decided to go with a different multiplayer game for this week’s game night. This week, game night was hosted in the wonderful multiplayer gem, Borderlands.

Gamer Girlfriend was kind enough to join me in this week’s game night as Borderlands has become the most recent of the games we play together. This game night was somewhat shorter than typically due to the considerable time difference between myself and the lovely gamer girlfriend so we only had time to do one mission. That mission was to eliminate Nine Toes and find a weapons stash in Skag Gulley.

We made our way from T.K.’s place where we were given the quest, past several skag nests where I had to stop at each to pick fights with the skags before we could continue on. Once in Skag Gulley I took point and we proceeded forward through several skag nests until we came to the weapons stash we were meant to find. Now this mission is early in the Borderlands quests, as I created a new character to advance from scratch alongside my wife to be, and at this time we had only logged roughly two hours or so in the game, a good portion of that explaining the control scheme to Gamer GF and then finding more ammo for her as she kept running out while we were fighting bandits.

While fighting the various skags we got jumped and were both knocked down to low health, Gamer GF and I made our way back to the entry way to get health packs before entering Nine Toes’ domain. While making our way back there, I managed to cleverly lead us in a shortcut bringing us face to face with a flock of Rawks, flying lizard like things that proved to be troublesome driving our already failing health ever lower. After me pestering her about stealing gun loot from the corpses, we got our health packs and made our way to the entrance of Nine Toes’ lair. The entry was pretty standard, we took down a couple guards who made the mistake of charging us and came to the entry into Nine Toes’ den. A flurry of bullets and some squeaking later, Nine Toes was no more and we were discussing who got what in terms of the weapon loot.

We made our way back out of the place and worked through the skags and rawks in our way with only minor incident. What I enjoy most about gaming with my wife-to-be is that we are able to share the experience with one another. For example, as we made our way back to turn the quest in for our reward, my dearest ran herself out of ammo again. So I took point again, and as a skag was leaping towards her ammo-less self, I took it down with a well timed headshot. On my own that would have been awesome, but sharing that with someone made it epic because it went from me just bragging to someone being able to see it for themselves rather than just listening to the story. I had once seen a review of Borderlands that compared playing this game to going hunting with your buddies in terms of interactivity and I agree totally. The game is a lot more fun with someone to play with and I imagine it will keep us busy for some time.


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