Microsoft Plays Nice

As any who have been playing Xbox Live in the past two weeks is aware, there were a few issues when Modern Warfare 2’s map pack “Stimulus Package” hit xbox live on March 30th(more on that here). Recently Microsoft announced that they were making the avatar clothing item, “Night Vision Goggles” free to all for a limited time.

Even more recently I logged into Xbox Live and had a message stating that as thanks for buying the Stimulus Package on day 1, Microsoft had credited my account 400 MS points and for anyone not doing that math that would bring the original cost of the map pack down to the price point many people wanted for the map pack to begin with. While I’ve not seen anything specifically mentioning it, this seems like it can only be Microsoft atoning for the huge mess that was the title update, and the near unplayability of the game. Personally I am glad to see this happen, not because I was in the mood to rage about Microsoft because honestly if not being able to play on Xbox Live for one day caused me significant hardship I have more problems than not being able to play Xbox Live. No, I am glad to see this because it is a nice bonus for those of us who support the titles we love and it shows that Microsoft does care about the user experience on Xbox Live and is making amends for something they wouldn’t necessarily have to. Cheers Microsoft and thanks for the cool hat!


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