Little Big Planet

Little Big planet is a well known game title, even for many who don’t own a PS3. Its long been touted to boast extremely fun and innovative platforming in an adorable and humorous package. The PSP title featuring all new levels and content delivers on all those fronts.

Upon booting up Little Big Planet for the PSP, I am struck by the live action video playing on my psp and how sharp all the design is just for the initial opening credits. I then get my first taste of controlling my sackboy by running through a virtual opening credits segment which is a unique way to deliver a warm-up/training level while at the same time taking care of the opening credits. It allows the gamer a chance to get used to the controls a bit without boring them with weak levels to start with.

The game itself is addicting and ridiculously cute and I even found myself laughing and just shaking my head when caught in a spot on the level where I was constantly dying. The use of voice over while playing is also well done, with a bit of humor added to the tutorial videos to keep them from being dry or dull. The British accent made me think of Monty Python narrating my sackboy adventures and just added to the complete experience.

The games have various themed levels each based around a set region of the world, ie; Oriental, Egyptian, etc with side stages unlocked by locating keys stashed away in certain levels. The side stages act as a sort of “bonus round” that allows you to collect more points, stickers, sackboy clothing items, and building materials. One of the biggest features of Little Big Planet is the ability to craft your own custom levels limited only by your imagination and what materials you have unlocked. Throughout each of the story levels there are collectible items which you can then use when crafting your own levels. Stickers allow you to dress your world up, while the building materials give you everything from contraptions to actual material that your surfaces will be made of. To add even more, as you complete the various stages you unlock their backgrounds for use in your own level design.

The only complaints that I really have about the game is the lack of zoom feature on my sackboy in order to better see all the various clothing and customizations that I make, and at times the limited control scheme can prove a bit problematic when the game requires you to make a fast action. Overall the game itself is a lot of fun, and is a great change of pace to many other games out there. The inclusion of the ability to make your own levels adds hours upon hours to the playtime and in these dark economic times is a great reason to dust off your PSP and play.


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