Modern Warfare Frags Xbox Live

Today should have been a great day, sadly it ended up being less than spectacular. After waking early before heading to class I set my console to downloading the Modern Warfare 2 “Stimulus Package” so that I would be able to play first thing when I got home. When I finally managed to get logged onto live, the multiplayer left me hanging…bigtime. I’ve not been able to locate any details or the possible extent of these mishaps, but I wasn’t the only console to feel the effects of this. One can only hope it will be cleared up by tomorrow but it’s still frustrating nonetheless.

When entering the multiplayer lobby in MW2, I subsequently chose the stimulus playlist and it began to search for a match as usual. That is where the normal ended. The system kept scanning games looking for a game, and then starting over looking for a great ping. I was able to check with one other person that they too were having the same problem, even as far as being unable to buy the map pack itself for some time. As Xbox Live is a paid service I have no doubt it will be dealt with soon and hopefully it is not a widespread thing and just happened in isolated cases.


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