Xbox Live Update allows Flashing

April 6th is going to be a good day for gamers who couldn’t afford the large harddrives for their Xbox 360s. According to Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, Larry Hyrb, the April 6th update for Xbox Live will now enable the use of external USB flashdrives as external memory up to 16gig increments. In order to use them, the flashdrive will have to be configured for use with your Xbox 360 but once formatted you’ll be able to save games, movies, avatar accessories, or anything else you’d normally save to your hard drive.

Another useful feature with the USB flashdrive memory is that the Xbox 360 console has two USB ports which will allow two 16 gig drives creating 32 gig simultaneous storage. Any flash drive can be used for the process, but in May Microsoft is teaming up with SanDisk to put out an Xbox branded flash drive that will come pre-configured and ready to save straight out of the package. This news comes as bittersweet to most gamers as it allows storage above and beyond what most gamers previously had but also begs the question why set the memory cap at 16gig? For me personally I’m choosing not to look a gift horse in the mouth and will be happy to make use of my 16gig flash drive and finally have that extra room I needed to save the entire season of the new He-Man cartoon.


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