When the weather outside is frightful…

Living in the region I do, blizzards and horrendous amounts of snow aren’t just common, but expected to happen with alarming frequency. With the state of internet connectivity as it is today when you’re snowed in, its not uncommon that you will lose your internet. With that in mind I’ve decided to recount my favorite games to play when you’re isolated from the world wide web and can’t get your Modern Warfare 2 fix.

-Mass Effect 2-

I’ve not played the first Mass Effect but the popular buzz is that is doesn’t hold a candle to what ME2 brings to the table. This game provides a steady stream of action and story to keep you playing long after the blizzard has ended and you’re due back at work or school. Mass Effect 2 puts you in the boots of a male or female Shepard, a grand hero in a compelling space opera facing off against a towering collection of foes. Simply put this game blew my mind, the characters are compelling to the point that you develop an emotional attachment to them, and this game has easily taken several hours of my life that I will not get back. Adding to the effect is that the game is just as enjoyable the second or third time around. The options presented to you, either Paragon or Renegade extend the story in unique ways as well as a bonus for playing through the game once already. If you don’t already own this game you should.

-Fallout 3-

Fallout 3 drops you smack dab into the middle of a post nuclear Washington DC, and the dismal and at times depressing setting will make you feel like you might have it quite so bad buried under snow. The vast open world that is the wasteland provides plenty of opportunity for exploration and combat, and the characters are humorous even when that may not be intended. Polishing it all off nicely is the fifties aesthetic which makes this world incredibly inviting. With several packs of downloadable content out now, the game won’t end for quite awhile. Word of warning, you may find yourself seeking out supplies for your new weapons in the real world…Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

-Fable 2-

Lionhead studios crafted a fun and colorful world, and were kind enough to let us romp around in it. While they game may not do anything “technically” profound, they did create a fun experience that teaches us the value of celery. Playing your character through their lifetime even having a family complete with young child who grows older throughout the course of the game becomes genuinely rewarding. The combat is simple and easy to grasp, but complex enough that more experienced gamers will appreciate it.The art direction of the game is unique and the overheard dialogue as you run around albion will have you doing double takes and laughing your ass off.

-Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City-

GTA has been a game staple of mine since the day a friend brought over their copy of the GTA for the Playstation 2. I was so amazed and enthralled by this game I purchased a copy before I even owned the console itself. Through it numerous additions, the game has proven itself time and time again and this latest installment is no exception. Driving around a fictional New York, I found myself staring at the sights as often as I was completing the missions. The combat system has had some tweaks which can at times make your mission almost impossible, the overall experience is still great and fun. From a personal opinion, the latest batch of voice actors for the game is quite possibly the best that Rockstar has brought in yet, and the more down to earth and gritty story was a nice change of pace from the typical over-the-top fare we’ve come to expect from Rockstar.

-Elder Scrolls:Oblivion-

Oblivion is one of the oldest games on this list, but somehow even today the game creates a unique fun experience that is worth revisiting time and time again. The vast open world, fun combat, and the freedom of choice are all features that made me fall in love with this game. This was the first RPG I really got into because the combat is visceral and it feels like you are really using that blade or making use of your magic spells. Additions of small touches like fully fleshed out books and backstory gives this game a depth that will stand the test of time, I cannot wait to see what surprises Bethesda has in store for us.

So there you have it, games to keep you entertained while snowed in. I would strongly recommend playing these games regardless of what kind of precipitation¬† you are dealing with. Most on this list can be purchased for very little which make them quite the bargain. I know I’ve missed some other solid titles, but this batch was definitely enough to get you started. I wish you all a good game and hope that this list will help you.

Mr Ghosty


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